Choose your Colour, Crest and Name


We supply gumshields to Clubs, Schools, Individuals, etc.

We will make gumshields to suit your Club/Team colours.

We will call to your School or Club and carry out a group session to take impressions.

Each gumshield is individually hand made to your exact measurements.

We will make the gumshields to the colour/colours of your choice.

The gumshield will be ready for fitting within 7/10 working days from taking the order.


Caring for your gumshield

Each gumshield comes with a storage box for protection when not in use.

After each use clean the gum shield by washing it with soap and warm (not hot) water.  Before storing, soak your gumshield in mouthwash.  Keep your gum shield in the supplied plastic storage box when not in use.  Heat is bad for gum shields, so do not leave it in direct sunlight or exposed in a closed car.

For more information on our gumshields see our FAQs