What is a gumshield?

It is a flexible appliance made out of plastic that is worn in athletic activities to protect teeth from trauma.


Why should you wear a gumshield?

A gumshield should be worn to protect your mouth from injuries.  The Dental profession unanimously supports the use of gumshields in a variety of sports activities.  More than 200,000 injuries to the mouth and jaw occur each year.


Do gumshields prevent injuries?

A gumshield can dramatically reduce serious injuries to your teeth and the intra-oral cavity. It cushions blows taken during sporting action, and reduces the force felt by the teeth and surrounding area.   


In what sport should you wear a gumshield?

Gumshields should be worn in all IMPACT sports - e.g. Rugby, GAA, Football, Boxing, MMA, Karate, Judo, Kickboxing, Hockey, Jump and Flat Horse Racing, Polo, etc.


Are all gumshields the same?

Not all gumshields offer the same grade of protection and comfort. Most shop bought generic, i.e. one size fits all are uncomfortable, ill fitting and make breathing and speaking difficult, with the result a lot of people choose not to wear a gumshield at all. The custom fit gumshield is made using impressions of your own teeth, so they fit perfectly, are comfortable whilst being tight enough to hold in your mouth. The custom fit allows for ease breathing and better communication between players during matches.


How to get a custom made gumshield?

Contact our Principal Dave Geraghty @ 0868657300

He will arrange to meet with you and take the impression of your mouth.

Your shield will be returned to you within 7/10 working days to check the fit and ensure the gumshield fits perfectly for your sporting comfort.


How should I care for my gumshield?

After each use clean the gumshield by washing it with soap and warm (not hot) water.  Before storing, soak your gumshield in mouthwash.  Keep your gum shield in the supplied plastic storage box when not in use.  Heat is bad for gumshields, so do not leave it in direct sunlight or exposed in a closed car.


How much does a gumshield cost?

Prices start at €40 per shield. Please see our pricing page